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Family Tour | Ludwig



This is the second Quest of Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria and creator of the Neuschwanstein castle. The first Quest is the Ludwig Main Tour.

The letters of the family of Ludwig II has been stolen. Dive into the secrets of King Ludwig II’s family and their MANY scandals. You will learn about the romantic life of King Ludwig and his struggles with his sexuality, the cold love between his parents, the strict upbringing of his grandfather and father, the mental diseases that thrived in this family and about, his niece, Empress Sissi, who you might have heard of before. This quest, while based on historical truth, promises excitement and engagement as you follow the carefully designed route.

This is a shorter book like tour. It contains one big mystery rather than multiple small ones.

Duration: Flexible, based on your pace


  • Family letters:
    Mr. Sterces has sent crucial documents related to the case. However, there’s a twist – you can only view each document when you reach specific locations. Maps are provided for seamless navigation.
  • Progress Bar:
    Keep track of your journey through a progress bar, marking your advancement through chapters. Each step unveils new information and challenges, adding layers to the narrative.
  • Chronological Arrangement:
    Your mission is to arrange the recovered letters in the correct chronological order. Piece together the puzzle of the Wittelsbach family’s history as you work towards returning the stolen archive to its rightful sequence.
  • Scenic Locations:
    Explore the picturesque surroundings of Hohenschwangau, from the majestic castles to the breathtaking lake.
  • Rewarding Password:
    Rumors suggest a hidden purpose behind the theft. Arrange the letters correctly to unveil a password. The significance of this password is unknown, but Mr. Sterces promises a generous reward for your efforts.
  • Practical Tips:
    Get practical advice on exploring the area, from visiting the castles and museums to enjoying a quiet stroll after regular tourist hours. Discover secret tips and tricks to enhance your quest experience.
  • Flexible Access:
    In case you can’t reach a designated location, Mr. Sterces ensures you can read the letters anywhere. However, the connection to specific locations holds significance, offering a complete experience of Schwangau and its landmarks.

Embark on Ludwig’s Family Quest, where history, scandal, and adventure intertwine. Will you unlock the secrets hidden within the stolen letters and earn your reward? The journey is yours to unravel!

Trigger Warning:

This Quest is safe for Children!

This Quest involves storytelling that includes mental diseases and family trauma. However it has been carefully crafted to limit the triggers.


What precisely do the delightful Quests (tours) of Secrets2Discover include?

Ah, splendid inquiry! Our esteemed Kim of Secrets2Discover offers fascinating written tours, presenting cities and destinations as enigmatic mysteries. These charming tours unfurl the rich tapestry of history through interactive storytelling, involving participants in delightful quests and puzzles.

My goodness, Mr. Sterces. Let me translate. The Quests are Tours that help guide you through a city or destination. And they are formed into a mystery with interesting historic stories.

Upon acquisition, thou shalt receive two documents: the interactive Game version and the comprehensive Book version. These can be accessed digitally or in print for ease during one’s gallivanting adventures.

Normal people language Mr. Sterces. Upon purchase, you will receive two files: the interactive Game version and the comprehensive Book version. These can be accessed digitally or printed for convenience during your exploration.

Oh, rather distinguished! Our tours are an engaging affair, regaling participants with compelling mysteries that beckon one to solve puzzles and unravel the intrigu.....

SSHH!! Anyways: The tours are presented as a mystery that involves the reader in solving puzzles or clues to uncover the history of the location. Unlike traditional guidebooks, these tours encourage active participation, making the experience more interactive and memorable. However, this is not mandatory. It is possible to read the mystery, without participation.

That was rude!

Our tours endeavor to proffer direction, meaning, and a delightful objective to your sojourn. By regaling you with engaging narratives and quests, we endeavor to unearth the finest facets of a locale whilst imparting captivating historical anecdotes.

With that Mr. Sterces means: The Quests and Explorer’s Maps aim to provide direction, meaning, and a specific objective to your trip. It will help you discover the best parts of a location while learning interesting historical facts and stories.

If one seeks an immersive narrative that unravels the unique facets of a locale, the Quest beckons. For those desiring a brisk exploration with essential tidbits about diverse locales, the Explorer's Map is the choice. Yet, fear not! Combining both ensures a comprehensive adventure.

Translation: Choose a Quest when you prefer an immersive, guided story experience that uncovers unique aspects of the city. However, choose the Explorer’s Map if you aim for a faster-paced exploration with essential information about different area. You can also combine both.

Ah, the Explorer's Maps! These delightful cartographic wonders present thematic tales and myriad routes, enabling one to explore diverse facets of the city. Perfect for a swift-paced saunter or those with a penchant for multifarious aspects without delving into singular storylines.

Exactly… The Explorer's Maps offer a broader view of a location. Providing multiple routes, based on a theme, that help you explore various parts of a city. They are ideal for a quick-paced visit or for those interested in multiple aspects of the location without diving deeply into a specific storyline.

Nay! No prior preparation is necessitated. One may venture into these whimsical tours forthwith and reference the 'Inventory', 'Locations', and 'Music' tabs as necessitated during one’s frolic.

Nope! But you can check out the Sunroom for preparations if you want to.

The Quest version is an immersive escapade, inviting participants to partake in solving enigmas and engaging in an active exploration of the locale. The Book version encapsulates the same tantalising information sans the need for active participation, catering to those preferring a more relaxed perusal.

Does anyone understand what he is saying?! The Game version is an interactive experience where participants engage with the mystery, solve puzzles, and actively explore the city or destination. The Book version contains all the information present in the Game version but does not require active participation, making it suitable for those who prefer a more relaxed exploration.

I believe Ms. Kim has a limited patience today.

Don't test it, Mr. Sterces. I can delete you with one click.


Absolutely! The charm lies in the flexibility to flit between the Game and Book versions as suits one’s fancy or the temporal constraints during one's sojourn.

Yes! You have the flexibility to switch between the Game and Book versions based on your preference or available time during your exploration.

Jolly good question, old chap! It appears there's a rather persistent myth floating about, suggesting that one's concentration can endure throughout the entirety of the day. Quite preposterous, I must say! And as for the notion that gallivanting about and acquiring new knowledge is not the least bit tiring, well, that's simply a load of codswallop. Fear not, for our dear friend Kim is well aware of this little nuance.

Instead of subjecting you to the arduous task of perusing a lengthy exposition, Kim, in her infinite wisdom, has graciously deemed it fit to offer you the option of taking things a tad more leisurely when the need arises. After all, she would much prefer you reach the grand finale of the tale rather than be bogged down by the minutiae of the extended version. Quite the considerate approach, wouldn't you agree?

Exactly. Thank you for calling me wise. Travelling and learning new things can be exhausting. Therefore, I wanted to give you the option to switch to a short version when it's becoming a bit much. Since I would rather have you finish the story rather than reading the long version.

Quite so! Most tours are fashioned to cater to a plethora of audiences. However, younger participants might necessitate a modicum of assistance contingent on their age and sagacity. And make sure to check for the tours with a minimum age.

Yes, most tours are designed to cater to a wide range of audiences. But younger travellers might need a bit of help here and there. Note: Some tours have a minimum age. And keep in mind that the tours are not specifically designed for children.


No, Mr. Sterces is not real. Sterces = Secrets backwards. Kim is the owner of the company.

WHAT? My life is a lie? Don’t tell Mrs. Sterces...
Also, does that mean Kim is talking to herself all this time?

Yes, it does.