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Secrets Hall

Welcome to Secrets Hall!

I’m Kim, your virtual tour guide. You’ve come to the perfect place to plan your next holiday and uncover hidden secrets around the world. In the Study Room, you’ll find our Tours, called Quests, and our City Maps, known as Explorer Maps. But, I invite you to explore the entire hall—you might even discover some secrets or hidden ghosts along the way.

Enjoy your journey!

Welcome to the House

Main Hall


Welcome Love,

Allow me to introduce myself and my companions. We are the Goddesses of Secrets Hall, one of the many wanderers of this mansion.

I am Circe, the enchantress from Greek mythology. Dare to get close, and you might find it thrilling to discover that I have the power to transform my foes into animals… Care to test your luck?

Be sure to chase the mysteries that whisper in the shadow and to let the myths of each location seduce you like a spell.

Meet one of the other Goddesses by selecting her portrait.


Ah! A new visitor. Hi!

You see, instead of delving into mundane history, Kim invites you to learn about us: the people, the myths, the secrets and stories that make each location unique.

I am Minerva, the Roman Goddess of wisdom, justice, strategy and victory. You might know me as Athena.

I advise you to immerse yourself fully into new locations, listen to its whispers and let the stories inspire your soul.


A new pair of eyes. Lovely

I am Fama, the Goddess of communication and the whisperer of secrets. To merely call me the Goddess of gossip would be far too simplistic, don’t you agree?

A great story isn’t just about events at a particular time and place. It’s bigger than mere facts and figures. It’s a journey that pulls you in, where you lose yourself in the lives of its characters. It’s and affair of the heart, stirring emotion of love and frustration. Where it will remain in your thoughts long after the last word has been spoken. Are you ready to embrace such story?



To ready yourself for your next quest, whether it be a journey or an exploration, harness all the tools bestowed upon you.

The Lady of the house, Kim, doesn’t believe in pointless preparations. Her desire is for you to embark on your adventures smoothly and effortlessly, enabling you to you to focus on what truly matters: what is in front of you rather than the distractions in your mind.

As the goddess of victory and a loyal ally of Athena I shall endeavor to aid in ensuring a triumphant odyssey wherever I may.


When you go to the Study you’ll encounter the different products of Secrets2Discover. It’s rather simple, if I may say so. You can choose between Quests and Explorer Maps, both tailored for cities. Quests  provide you with an exciting story, complete with a mystery to solve, while Explorer Maps offer an overview of the city, highlighting essential insights and unknown places.

Don't let the ghosts of Secrets Hall scare you away


Explore our grand library, where secrets of remarkable individuals await a new pair of eyes! Kim made me organize it by country for your convenience.

Discover the Scandals

Discover the locations

Discover the atmosphere

And much more


Wish to learn about the secrets of the Lady of the house? That is rather scandalous of you! I don’t think I am allowed to let you do that… But I might look away for a second.

In order to find what you need, you should have a look through her stuff in the master bedroom..


Welcome, friend! I’m Mrs. Sterces, advisor to the Lady of the House and wife to Mr. Sterces. The Vault is dedicated to all matters of business. It serves as a hub for financial transactions and management.

Whether you’re here to break in for discounts, complete your purchases, or simply linger and explore, you’re in the right place.


“Obviously, you shouldn’t read about people if you can also watch a video about them, right? Let me help you out here, friend.” 

Perhaps you would like some music while snooping around the house

Find me everywhere in the house